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How to Drive the Golf Ball Further

I don't know about you but I'm always impressed with a big drive. If someone has hit a big drive and they are in the middle of the fairway then they are at an incredible advantage to the guy who is fifty yards back down the fairway and in the rough.

I used to be the guy who was in the rough way back, but I have since been able to improve my distance hugely, and it hasn't been as a result of going to the gym either. Technique is the most important thing you can learn if you want to hit the golf ball further. If you can apply the right timing so that the club face is square on impact and the weight transfer is correct, then you'll hit it a long way even if you don't put that much power into it.

Here are some of the things that I did to add an extra fifty yards to my drive:

Weight Transfer is key

Exaggerate the weight transfer. When you swing the club back your weight should be on your right foot (assuming you're right handed). At the top of the swing you should be loaded up like a coil with all your weight on the right foot. Then on the downswing, concentrate on transferring your weight through to your left foot as much as possible. You'll hit some horrible shots to begin with but it'll encourage your body to get used to that feeling of weight transfer.

The key with weight transfer is timing. If you get your weight transfer wrong then you'll be likely to either hook or slice the shot - so practice is key. Don't misinterpret the instruction - we're not trying to sway backwards and fowards rather we are rotating like a coil but loading up the weight onto the back foot aswell. A sway from the back foot to the front foot can be disastrous for your consistency.

Don't Choke the Club

On the downswing, concentrate on really snapping your hands through the ball so that you get the explosive power of the wrists. You can practice this with a higher club before you jump straight onto the driver. This added an extra 10-15 yards to my drive pretty much straight away - I had a tendency of gripping the club to tightly and not releasing properly. It sounds like a really easy change that won't give you much in the way of results, but I can assure you that teaching yourself to release the clubhead properly through impact is really important.

Create a Large Arc

One of the most important techniques that you can learn when trying to drive the ball a long way (and for shorter clubs too) is the wide, one-piece takeaway. Not only does this increase the distance between your body and the golf club but it also encourages the left shoulder (or right shoulder if you are left handed) to rotate under the chin early on in the backswing for maximum rotation. The more you can rotate your shoulders, the more powerful your swing wil be! Each and every professional (Tiger Woods, Jon Daly) - the real power hitters - get a huge amount of shoulder rotation because they know that that's where the power comes from!

Driving the Golf Ball Further is about Technique

On average golfers are leaving in excess of 30 yards in the bag just because they don't understand the five keys to distance. Discover how you can driver it further by watching videos from the world long driving champion. Click here to see them.

Paul Evans is a single figure golf fanatic who participates in long driving competitions with a personal best drive of a shade under 400 yards. He is hoping to reach the 400 yard milestone this year!

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